The Worlds Greatest Nation


We truly are the greatest nation in the world when it comes to alcohol. Swedes will be the first to point out how many alcoholics there are in France, Germany and Brittain. In Sweden? Not really, we don’t have that problem here, just partying teenagers on friday evenings. Not TRUE ALCOHOLICS(tm) that drink every day! Instead we drink until we sink every friday, Saturday, and sometimes wednesday… tuesdays if there is a party…mondays..maybe a whiskey in the evening. No True Alcoholics here.

Besides, we can’t be alcoholics. Our booze is too expensive. €50 for a bottle of Whiskey, €28 for Vodka. Beer is €2 and up per bottle. It’s not like people shop en masse when they get their paycheck at our designated, monopoly-driven, boozestore. No way José.

The fact that we learn how to lie down without suffocating by your own vomit when you’re drunk has nothing to do with our alcohol consumption. Just being precatious. In case one of them alcoholic germans or frenchies should pop up midwinter on our doorsteps. Never know when that happends.


Doing the good deed, Swedish police has been in business since…god knows when. When my parents where young they used to have these nice uniforms with light blue shirts, dark blue pants and hat. They looked nice. Currently the militairy-outfit they wear are under debate.

Personally I would prefer to see only SWAT-teams in the militairy-style uniforms, and have the patroling officers in the old style. Gives more confidence in the police, and it also breeds a better attitude towards them.

But more then anything, I wish they would get the thumb out of their arse and actually do some fricken policework.

Ever seen a policecar, no policeVAN, drive down the street, pass a mugging in action, only to stop infront of the alcoholics on the parkbench (whom we have non of in Sweden btw), tell the alcoholics to behave or get tossed in the slammer, turn to a pregnant woman with a can of coke, suspicious of it containing beer, only to finally radio in for back-up to catch the robber? Waiting for the back-up they would listen to the statement of the old woman who got mugged from inside their van (air-conditioning rules!) whilst the two fifteen-yearolds run past the van trying to get onto the next bus.

I have seen it.

Less militairy uniform, more actual policework!

Go Sweden and our Swedish ways!

btw, Paul Potts might have one of the worlds most tragicomical names, but the voice the man posess is the voice of a god…or atleast some lesser form of deity.

Check him out!


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