I don’t do blogs. Everybody writes blogs, but not me. I have an aversion towards blogs.

Just the entire word for it- blog. Shortening of the two words web log. No, I don’t do blogs. I write Columns.

What’s a column really?
Cambridge Online Dictionairy notes it as the following:
“a piece of writing in a newspaper or magazine which is always written by the same person and which appears regularly, usually on a particular subject.”

This is true for what I write, even though I don’t do it for a newspaper or a magazine (I wish), but rather for the amusement of myself and those lucky few who find this column and decide that it is interesting enough to read.

Another way to look at columns is this:
An article that represents a persons opinions and views without having to be PC or base themselfes on too much facts. Usually quite tame articles, but with fiery and sulphourus suppositions about any party or fraction in society that isn’t their own faved fraction.

So what exactly, might you ask, is the reoccuring subject- this “un-favoured fraction”- I will write about then?
Well, the easy answer is “fun stuff”, but the more correct answer is:
Quirks of my fellow countrymen, things that set them appart, and which I have had the fortune (thanks to my lovely wife. Well, wife from the 21st of july) to spot and call for what they are.
It will be a lovely little cynical and agggravating column that you will either find sad or hilarious, if you’re not Swedish, and probably unsettling and annoying if you are a swede.

What do I base my ramblings on then? Well, for starters I have a set of new eyes (no you sicko, I didn’t change my old ones in) in the form of my wife, who originate from another country.
Belgium is not far from Sweden. In fact, if you would stretch Sweden out to be twice as long, you would only have to go a third of that extra stretch to get to Belgium.
Yet food is completely different. The language is different (yet compellingly similar, btw. “compellingly isn’t actually a word, I make up things…). The people are different and so are their ways.
To make things even more complicated and refreshing- My wife also has half of her origins in Scotland. And with roughly half of her upbringing being set in Scotland, she also has a quite strong sensation about British ways and how society works there.

This gives for an interesting set of fresh views on how people behave, how things deemed “normal” can be the the strangest occurances in the world, if you look at them logically and how stupid Swedes are to think they are “the best” at everything.

Don’t get me wrong here, I love my country. I also think that we have been the best at most things, and quite recently even. But most of the things that still are promoted as “Swedish models” today, examples of our greatness, actually ceased to exist more then twenty years ago. Or, alternatively, we stoped being best at it that long ago.

I am positive people will find my perspective erroneous. Suit yourself. this is a column, I write articles that represent my own views, without getting too PC. A column. One of those un-tame, but with very fiery and sulphourus suppostitions about the Swedish people and their “typical Swedish” behaviours.



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